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ウェブマガジン 第3号

Vietnamese scientist of robotics

Hum, you may smile when you know that guy, he thinks he is lucky just because he can get something to eat, to drink. And from the title, you also wonder where Vietnam is. Google it and have a look at the Wikipedia, you can understand that I am happy because Vietnam have so long time of war (maybe longest history of war in the world).

I joined the IT world just for a very simple thing:
Video game. Playing game used to make me forget about time, food, my study.

My home university sent me here to study Robotics for Vietnam's future.
My task here is to navigate Aibo robot that means to make robot brain.
To graduate, I need some papers in journals or in
conferences' proceedings with new ideas in the field of Robotics.
It's quite hard, that why I go to laboratory almost everyday.

However, as a human, I need some fresh air, some friends to talk, some people to love.

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