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IT Engineer : h.shimizu

--- He works as an IT engineer in the field of network. He deals with Load Balancers and Firewalls
Coverage about his creative sence and challenging attitude. ---

It's good to talk about your IT career when you introduce yourself in the field of IT.
But it is also good to talk about something but your IT career, isn't it?
For example, what do you do in your private time usually?

I'd like to introduce myself by talking about my musical career.

At first, about the time when I went to university.

Right when I became a student, my dream was a musician.
I wanted to be a vocalist , especially.
I wanted to be a No.1 in the field of music but i didn't care the field.
Any field was ok but I chose music.

But the circumstance of university life is not suitable for practice and preparation as a vocalist.

I had to go to the univerisity early and can finally go out of university till late in the afternoon.
And then after the university, I had to go for a part time job.
The time was 10 o'clock PM when I come back home.
I couldn't sing a song at a shouting pitch and practice in the midnight.
And I composed a song in the midnight.
I woke up early and went to bed late, so I thought my throat and voice condition was becoming worse.

So , I stopped to go to the university.
I just wanted to concentrate on music.
I wanted to spend all my time for music.

But, I came to understand the result of concentration of music.
Music is media.
You need something to express by the media of music.
What can I express by music, on the condition that I live with music for 24 hours?

That is, I didn't have any inspiration and source of musical idea.

Finally I found a fact.
You shouldn't do only music in order to master music.
You have to do various things.

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