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Concepts of Tokyo Valley

 by shimizu

Keyword of Tokyo Valley : Borderless Communication

Concept for Development of a New Service :

提供するサービスの方向:   人と人との信頼関係をリアル以上に築けるようなインターネットサービス。
Direction of a provided service:   An internet service where you can build a relationship of person to person in the virtual world more than the real world.
I hope we think and discuss what type of a platform where virtual communication and community are activated should be used , and we make the expectable platform.



The way to talk :  

Basically, I hope we talk about the new service by mail, chat or voice because their feature is interpersonal.
For example, I'd like to talk at a private and small place where 2 or 3 people can talk like chat room and private email, rather than at a public and large place where many people can talk and see like conference room on a website and mailing list.
I hope people from abroad other than Japan are added on the talking place. More, I think we should have the way of communication where spirit of give-and-take is considered good and modest, rather than the way of communication where self-assertiveness is considered good as global standard.

視点:   インターネットサービスというと、googleやmixiといったウェブサイトを想像されるかもしれません。
Point of view :   You might imagine websites like google and myspace when you hear the word of an internet service.
But I think we should imagine users' lifestyle and communication way at first.
For example, there is a possibility that completed services will be following:
Only teaching how to use existing services;
An application other than a browser;
Hardware other than PC and cell phone;
Users don't use terminal directly and they make contact with staff in the REAL shop but not VIRTUAL. Internet runs in the background.

Concept about organization:


  I don't think we need an actual working team, because we need mainly idea rather than actual working.
So I hope a management executive and an actual working team is only me and we have many consultants on business methods.
That is the way I consult wih each consultant on business methods , hear their opinions, get good opinions and convery the opinions to the other consultants.
I think I'm gonna serve as liaison bridge between a actually working team and consultants when the members of the actually working team are needed more and increase more.

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